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Mizue Jaques

International Bio-Energy Practitioner


Since early childhood, Mizue has been sensitive to energy.  Born in Japan, she had knowledge of the bio-field (called Ki in Japan), as well as alternative medicine early on in life.


Mizue came across Michael Dalton's Bio-Energy Healing method when one of her Miniature Pincher's did not respond well to medication and was in constant pain. Unfortunately, before receiving any bio-energy healing the Min-Pin had to be put down.


However, this did not stop Mizue's interest in bio-energy healing, as during this stressful time in her life, she too had some health issues. Due to extreme stress, both of her hands were affected by a rash which would not go away with any prescription topical creams. She tried several different prescriptions during the course of 2-3 years, changed all products that touched her hands to natural ingredients, yet both of her palms kept bubbling up to the point they would begin to bleed.

She too needed to get well, as her painful palms were preventing her from fully enjoyng her life (see photo of Mizue's hand on next page before treatment, at your own risk!). As she studied as well as received bio-energy healing throughout her course of training, her palms healed naturally. No meds required.


Today, Mizue witnesses many of her clients coming in each week looking and feeling happier, confident, and more energetic with less pain and a healthier mind. She still thanks her beloved Min-Pin "Kisha" every day, as Kisha's illness and unfortunate passing lead her to this gentle yet powerful method of healing.

Mizue's other dog Tina was very lucky to receive bio-energy healing treatments for the last several years of her life. Tina peacefully passed away at 19 years and 3 months. She was walking, eating, drinking on her own till the last day!


In her spare time, Mizue enjoys digging deeper into the world of energy and quantum physics, as well as playing tennis with her husband and daughter. 


Mizue's photo
Two dogs looking at each other

Tina & Kisha

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